"My daughter has always loved to listen to music and dance, but due to her physical limitations, she wasn't able to dance at a 'normal' dance studio. We found Arts in Motion and all of that changed for her. She is able to dance to the music that she loves and dances in the best way that she can. She has made new friends and we have met a lot of nice families."
"My daughter will often say, 'I like having Down Syndrome.' I will ask her why and she says, 'Because I have friends.' She really never said this before she started dancing with Arts in Motion. I think she truly feels that she belongs."
"How is Arts in Motion different? Each person who attends is treated as an independent person. Delight encourages [each student's] strengths and attributes... empowers each person to go as far as they can go. Each person is encouraged to share their opinions, dance moves, art styles and share with others. No idea is turned away."
"Arts in Motion helped my daughter make new friends and continue to have a social life that she would not have had after her school years... which assists her tremendously in communication, social and activity skills."
"My child has low muscle tone so she is unable to walk on her own. This dance class has been one of the best things for her... gaining confidence, building muscles, and stretching. She is respected and accepted there. To me, that is everything!"
"While expressing herself had been one of our daughter's greatest challenges, dance allowed her to do what words couldn't. Everyone at AIM helped us give her one of the biggest gifts she could receive: the gift of encouragement, and the realization that there are no limits holding her down! To watch her smile and beam with pride while performing is one of the biggest gifts we as parents have received!" 
"I've always greatly enjoyed watching each AIM student perform and they never fail to take my breath away. The elegance of expression and the pride they exude in their work is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. In my own child, AIM has built confidence, poise, improved motor skills, and a place to belong always."